NOTE: Ceevee works best on the Chrome Browser and you must have a webcam to apply



Create your job post.

Create your job post

Add 3 questions for candidates to answer using 30-second video responses

Add job post questions

Rate and review to find the best
candidate for you

Review and rate candidates

"Cee" the difference!

With The Ceevee, you post 3 questions for potential candidates to answer when applying for your job opening. Candidates then apply by responding to those questions in 30-second video responses and attaching their resumes. Once candidates have applied, you review and rate each video response in any order. This allows you to get a better picture of each candidate rather than relying on a resume to tell the whole story.

The Resume is DEAD!

Have you ever interviewed a candidate who you KNEW didn’t write their own resume? Or have you interviewed a candidate with an impressive resume only to find out that they have no people skills? A resume never tells the whole story, and you don't truly know a candidate until you get that coveted first impression.

Words on paper can fail us, but with The Ceevee’s 30-second video responses, you’ll get insights a simple resume could never give. No more wasting time interviewing candidates that don’t fit your company culture.

You Rate Them & We Do The Math

The Ceevee candidate rating system allows you to rate candidates's video responses as you watch them. Each rating is calculated and a grade is given to each reviewed candidate, leaving you to invite the candidates with the highest grades for an in-person interview.


Easy to use

Designed to be simple and fast, not another software you have to learn.

Saves Time

On average 3hrs 43mins less time than with traditional job sites.

Helps you decide

The Ceevee’s rating system helps you make the best choice of whom to invite for an interview.

The Ceevee makes hiring the right candidate easier and saves you time. No more relying on a resume to tell the whole story. Ask the questions that matter to you and rate the candidate’s answers in your own time.

“Cee” for yourself

see what we did there? ;)